Labor and Employment

Labor and Employment

Our team has experience and expertise in strategic and complex demands, advising clients from all business, national and international. The coordinated structure allows us to allocate the best professionals and resources for a multidisciplinary approach, in order to increase our clients’ competitiveness and mitigate risks, with creative alternatives and in compliance with the law.

We provide consultancy in labor practices and human resources involving executives, employees and service providers, drafting and reviewing labor agreements and internal policies (Profit Sharing, Stock Options, Hiring Bonus, Golden Parachute etc.), negotiation with labor unions, employee transferring and international immigration, compensation and benefit plans, occupational health and safety, among other issues. We also support in legal audits to identify materialized contingencies and in the diagnosis of non-materialized contingencies, supporting in the improvement of internal litigation management, review of legal thesis, identification of strategies necessary to improve results in judicial and administrative procedures, also acting to identify and recovery labor credits and appeal courts’ fees.

As to the labor litigation, we advise our clients on administrative or judicial matters. In regard to administrative matters, we represent our clients before the Labor Inspection Department of the Ministry of Economy, the Labor Public Prosecutor’s Office, among others. In the labor litigation scope, we represent our clients in individual or collective labor claims, public civil actions, collective bargaining actions, annulment actions, ratification of extrajudicial agreement, among others, before all Brazilian labor courts. We also control, update and review internal litigation tracking systems (such as Tedesco, Espaider, Benner, RR Jurídico etc.).