Insurance, Reinsurance and Private Pension

Insurance, Reinsurance and Private Pension

We provide advice to the insurance, reinsurance and private pension industry on transactional, regulatory, products, claims adjustment, technology and other matters.

Transactional: We advise our clients in a wide range of transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, incorporations of local entities and licensing with regulatory agencies, bancassurance and distribution partnerships, portfolio transfer, renewal rights transactions, reinsurance agreements etc.

Regulatory: We advise clients in matters related to the insurance industry regulations (including SUSEP, ANS and PREVIC regulations).

Products: We assist our clients to structure and draft the terms and conditions of new products and services, to underwrite and/or obtain insurance coverage.

Claims Adjustment & Litigation: We assist our clients to adjust claims and litigate.

Insurtech: We assist insurtech companies to structure their business, comply with relevant regulations, obtain authorizations, to apply to sandboxes cohorts and in fundraising. We are also following closely the developing regulations regarding digital distribution of insurance, data privacy, big data, blockchain, cybersecurity and other emerging areas that impact the insurance and technology industries.