Capital Markets

Capital Markets

We advise clients in the implementation of financing in the local and international capital markets, by means of public offerings or private placements, tender offers and securitization transactions, including the issuance of equity and debt instruments locally and internationally.

We advise officers, managers, consultants and investors about the formation of investment funds, including hedge funds and structured funds, such as private equity funds, real estate funds and credit rights investment funds. Furthermore, we provide legal advice in registration procedures with the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) and in public offerings of investment fund shares in the Brazilian capital market.

The outstanding expertise of our team includes advising clients in all stages of transactions, including structuring of the transaction, tax planning and identification of impacts, due diligence, drafting and negotiation of the applicable documentation, as well as filings and direct interactions with regulators.

In addition, we provide legal advice for compliance with capital market regulations, administrative processes and other day-to-day interactions with authorities.